Angelica Grace

Angelica Grace Souleye is a supreme light code activator. Angelica transmits healing frequencies of sound & light, aligning those on the path of ascension to their highest soul aspects & activating them to their soul’s purpose. She is, at her essence, a soul surgeon who specializes in higher self, multidimensional, angelic, & starseed integration. Angelica aligns with ascended masters, angels, & multidimensional, higher aspects of self to provide insight & wisdom, subconscious reprogramming, & reinstallation of divine matrix codes for those she serves.
As co-founder of the Blue Star Tribe, Angelica Grace connects, educates, & empowers healers, starseeds, & spiritual wayshowers of all kinds. She collaborates with Reina De Luna to hold retreats & train lightworkers in Celestial Shamanism, a healing modality that infuses light language & modernized shamanism.
In other words, & with humility, Angelica is just a regular person who has integrated her multi-dimensionality & wishes to be of service by bringing through higher frequencies that help in the ascension process.
Angelica trained as a Celestial Shaman under Yvonne Perry & Reina. She and Reina are the creators of the Blue Star Celestial Shaman™ Certification Training.