Divine Channel, Shaman & Reiki Master Teacher

My Role in Your Spiritual Growth

Many of us at our highest soul level are angelic and star beings sent to assist with human and planetary ascension. We may have forgotten who we are and what role we play in this divine process. However, more of us are realizing our gifts and beginning to work toward fulfilling our true soul’s purpose. This will require integrating our multidimensional self with our physical self. This is done through a modernized healing modality called Celestial Shamanism. This modality was channeled to me by Divine Mother and the Council of Nine. It is a healing modality that infuses light language and modernized shamanism. You can read an in-depth article about it here.

I AM here to awaken, activate and train lightworkers for Divine service. I do this hrough channeling information, shamanic healing sessions and mentorship. 

For those just awakening, I do a Soul Discovery session to determine what your gifts are, who your guides are and what your soul came to accomplish. I have the unique ability to connect directly with your highest self/soul to channel information. 

For those already on the journey who may be struggling, I consult with your soul and Celestial guides to pinpoint the source of your struggles and then perform a shamanic healing to clear those obstacles. Liz & I also assist starseeds in integrating all soul aspects of their multidimensional selves.

Finally, I fulfill a role as your mentor. I offer one-on-one mediumship mentorships and work with Angelica Grace to train Celestial Shaman. 

My Journey

My spiritual awakening has been unfolding for over 10 years now. 

My first breakthrough came when I was attuned to Reiki. Opening the Reiki channels strengthened my spirit communication. I had known since childhood that I had abilities but was scared to use them. The Reiki attunement  kicked my mediumship abilities into high gear! I knew I either had to embrace mediumship or shut it down. I chose to embrace it.

Since then, I have discovered I’m not just a medium, I’m a trance medium. I mentored with other teachers to better communicate with spirit guides, angels and loved ones in spirit. I was also called to become a shaman. Shamans work with Great Spirit and Celestial Guides to assist others in healing themselves. It was a natural fit considering I already had the ability to talk to spirits.

In 2018, I discovered I was a walk-in soul. This discovery was a turning point for me. Until this point, I had been raised in the “Bible Belt” and had not opened up to the fact that my “spirit guides” may in fact be living, off-planet beings. Accepting this one concept opened the floodgates with information needed to help not only myself but all starseeds. Many starseeds are incarnated on this planet, unaware that they ARE starseeds and looking for guidance on what their purpose is. My mission is to train Celestial Shaman so that these starseeds can not only heal themselves but go on to heal and train others.

Education & Training

I am an experienced trance medium and Reiki Master Teacher. I am a formally trained Incan shaman, having received all nine Munay-ki Rites (including the creator rites). 

I have a Bachelors in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and am currently working on my Masters. I intend to pursue my Ph.D. I mentored with Ahni Atkins, who is a shamanic practitioner and amazing medium with extensive training at Lily Dale and the venerable Arthur Findlay Institute. 

As a Divine walk-in soul myself, I know the challenges starseeds and light beings face not only in dealing with discovering WHAT they are but in fulfilling their purpose. We are celestial beings sent on a Divine mission of service and that’s not a message the general public understands. I do. I hold retreats throughout the country to help awaken and activate light beings to their soul’s purpose.