Date: Wednesday, November 11 2020
Time: 1:11 pm-6 pm
Join Virtually Via Zoom

The master number 11 carries light codes of enlightenment and spiritual development. Every year, on 11-11 an energy portal opens which promotes alignment with our highest self and personal Divine Matrix codes. This is the time for starseeds to release old, non-beneficial patterns, integrate higher aspects of consciousness and get re-connected with our soul mission. The time is now! This is what we came for, starseed nation!

Join Celestial Shaman Nicole Moore and trance medium Reina for a day of clearing, reconnection and activation. During this event, Reina will channel Spirit to clarify participants soul mission, identify what’s holding them back and deliver activation codes which will re-align them with their individual soul mission. She will also take you on a guided journey to meet your Wayshower Guide and teach you how to connect securely and confidently with your Celestial Guides .
During a healing ritual, Nicole will connect with Archangels Michael, Metatron and Raphael to unlock past life lessons, abilities and activate dormant DNA. This healing will also clear vibrational clutter and restore each individuals Divine Matrix Codes which will allow them to more fully embody their soul’s mission.

Attend via a Zoom video conference. A link will be emailed to you when you purchase. Those who opt for the virtual event but can’t attend the live stream will be able to watch the replay at their convenience.
For those wanting one-on-one individual sessions with Reina or Nicole, attendees will also receive a special discount code to apply toward soul retrievals, soul purpose channeling sessions and soul integration healing sessions.

Attend Virtually $33

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