Blue Star Founder  Reina with Angelica (left) and Ryan (right) on the road to their Soul Activation Retreat in Crestone, CO. Oct 2019

Our Founder & Mission

The Blue Star Tribe was founded by Reina in 2018 to awaken, activate and equip starseeds so they may step into their roles as planetary healers. It was through integrating higher aspects of her own soul that she realized the need for starseeds to have not only a support system but training in how to cope with that process. Along her journey, she has mentored with leaders in the soul integration field, mentored students herself and collaborated with others who can assist with her mission. She is the first person to create a standardized curriculum for Celestial Shaman training. She participates in and co facilitates retreats at events such as United Human Alliance.

Reina has a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics, has earned all 9 Munay Ki rites in the Peruvian Shaman tradition and is a Reiki Master Teacher.  You can read Reina’s full bio and credentials here. If you’d like to collaborate with Reina or invite her to your next event, contact her.



Who Are We?

We are a network of holistic healers focused on personal and planetary ascension. Blue Star Tribe was founded by Reina 2018.

Why was the Tribe Created?

We created the Blue Star Tribe to support fellow lightworkers, starseeds & those on the path of healing. There are many people waking up to gifts such as light language, psychic ability & more who need guidance & community, & we are here to provide that support. We share our experiences, knowledge, and techniques with those who seek it and with whom the information resonates.

How do I Join the Tribe?

We’ve created a safe, judgement-free zone for people to express themselves openly and honestly without judgement from others, because what we are experiencing may not be considered “normal” by the mainstream.
Typically, people join the tribe in one of three ways: 1) Come to an event in person, 2) Take one of our courses or 3) Request to join the private Facebook group after working with us one-on-one.

Being a part of the tribe is totally free, & it is more of a casual social network than anything else. There are no requirements for being part of the tribe. When you join the tribe by subscribing to our e-mail list, you get notifications about upcoming offerings. The Facebook group is a place to connect & share experiences.

What if my Personal Beliefs differ from Yours?

We will ALWAYS encourage people to listen to their own inner guidance above any outside influence or teachings. We have no specific political or religious affiliations. Our focus is helping starseeds and lightworkers process their own trauma so that they can fulfill their soul purpose. If what we say does not resonate with you, we encourage you to set it aside and go with your “gut instinct”. We each walk a different path and have different self truths. 

Is this a Cult?

One hallmark of a cult is devotion to one particular person. We are not the ONLY people who offer this kind of assistance & training. There are plenty of outstanding resources & teachers out there, & we encourage you to find the best fit for you.

The Blue Star Tribe does not encourage veneration or devotion to any one particular figure, belief system or object. We advise people to seek their own higher guidance through the practices that work best for them. We encourage people to connect with the Divinity within them, & we respect everyone’s individual process.

 We respect differences of opinion & encourage discussion & critical inquiry. We do not have a set of beliefs that people must adhere to. The ideas we discuss may seem strange to some, but they are certainly not sinister or self-serving. We do not promote fear in any way. Everything we do boils down to loving one another, the planet, & one’s self.


What does the Tribe do?
We work individually & together to hold events such as light language healing circles, moon circles, retreats & more. We also provide online activations & ascension guidance, one-on-one support, & courses in Celestial Shamanism, Reiki, Earth Shamanism. We are also continuously expanding our network of healers.