Activate & Embody Your Mission

When you are ready to fully step into your power and activate to your fullest potential, you will want to work directly with us (Angelica & Reina). It has been our experience that every person who contacts us face to face (in person or via video chat) will at some point during the conversation, receive a Soul Purpose Activation. 

Together, we carry a complete set of codes that awaken and activate those we work with. Any one-on-one contact with us begins the process of spontaneously downloading those codes to you and channeling messages from Spirit. We have no control over this –it’s just how spirit works through us. Simply interacting with us will trigger these codes. We tried doing free 10 minute “Discovery Calls” or to answer questions but every time, Spirit came through, activations occurred and messages were channeled. Because of this, we decided to put together something we call First Contact Protocol. The First Contact Protocol is the most efficient way for us to help you find the answers & activations you seek. To understand why we had to do this, you must first understand how we work together.

We work in tandem just as a doctor and nurse work together. We support you as you take flight on this ascension journey. Reina is like the pilot guiding the plane while her crew (Angelica) equips the plane and passengers. Together, we make sure the plane has everything it needs for takeoff, including working machinery. In software terms, Angelica installs the software and Reina explains how to use it.

When you are inspired to contact us, please book a Starseed Soul Purpose Activation or sign up for Celestial Shamanism Training. This is what we call First Contact Protocol.

You & two other starseeds will meet with Reina & Angelica once a month for personalized guidance & light code activations. During each two-hour session, one person is the focus of that session (all participants will be chosen twice during the course of the mastermind). That month’s focus will receive channeled messages from their guides, light codes specific to them and guidance from the group to overcome challenges. All others learn, activate & contribute to the group. This is a 6 month commitment for those who want more intimate activations and training but don’t want the investment of one-on-one mentorship. An initial Soul Purpose Activation is required before registering for the Mastermind. Contact us for more information if you are interested in this level of support.
Investment: $250/mo for 6 months (total $1,500)