“The Event” by Celestial Shamans Angelica Grace Solii and Reina of the Blue Star Tribe

If you are working in the realms of multidimensional integration, supporting starseeds and lightworkers in their roles as personal and planetary healers as Mother Earth ascends, we would be honored to partner with you. Events that focus on star knowledge, cosmic consciousness, ET contact, healing and ascension are a great fit for what we do.

What do we do?
Reina & Angelica Grace work with star beings and other celestial guides to help starseeds and lightworkers align to their highest self and activate their soul purpose. The experience is so powerful that they have been guided to call this work “The Event.”

The Event Description
Celestial shamans Reina & Angelica Grace Solii work together to create powerful portals to ascension via a 2-3 hour ceremonial sound healing circle with light language. You may already be a lightworker or know you are a starseed, but you are still integrating aspects of your soul and higher self. We specialize in multidimensional and starseed integration. We use light language to open stargates and portals, channeling high vibrational frequencies from higher dimensions, bringing forward powerful light code activations delivered by angels, ancestors, ascended masters, star beings as well as past and other aspects of your soul. We clear density, remove entities, and release karma via sound vibration and shamanic practices. This process activates your light body, allowing more of your soul and Source to reside in your physical body so you can do the work you came here to do. Reina & Angelica Grace also deliver channeled guidance, helping you align to your soul purpose and remember why you are on this planet at this time.

Participants will receive guidance on aftercare practices following the event.

Most participants will want to have a one-on-one Soul Integration Session following The Event and they must schedule in advance. They can do this on their phone via the BlueStarTribe QR code we will pass out at The Event. When scheduling Reina & Angelica Grace for your event, prioritize 2-3 days following The Event for these sessions to take place. Blending time slots for these sessions to take place within the context of your event will accommodate for the needs of those who need specialized attention for their integration.

It should be noted that the use of mind altering substances such as drugs and alcohol are not recommended for participants before, during or after The Event as they can interfere with the healing process and integration of light codes. Participants are also encouraged to drink extra water, preferably of the highest quality, to facilitate the integration of higher frequencies and DNA activations in the body. Casual and comfortable attire, such as loose-fitting yoga clothes, are recommended for The Event as well as bringing comfortable blankets and pillows. As sound and vibration are key components of the ceremonial circle, drums and other noise makers are welcome but not required. No experience with light language or drum circles is necessary.
During The Event, some participants report feeling a release of old, stuck energy, letting go of aspects of self that no longer serve them. They may also experience a greater connection to the Divine. The light language may provoke emotions to be released from the body through movement, shaking, crying, singing or even laughing. Some participants may begin to speak light language for the first time, and those who already speak it may take a more active role in the healing circle if they are moved to do so. Following The Event, many participants may experience greater alignment with Self and Source, a sense of inner peace, and a stronger ability to connect with their personal inner guidance system. The group sound healing circle is not a substitute for medical advice, and participants should continue regular medical care with qualified physicians.

Reina & Angelica Grace are founders of the Blue Star Tribe, an organization dedicated to educating and empowering starseeds, lightworkers, and wayshowers of all kinds. They developed the first standardized teachings of celestial shamanism, a healing modality that uses light language and collaboration with starbeings to bring healing technologies to Earth. They also run The Starseed Connection, hosting online and in-person gatherings for starseeds around the globe.


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Angelica Grace Solii

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