October 11-13 2019    Crestone, Colorado



As perfect souls, we incarnate to enjoy a human experience. As humans, we encounter mental, physical and emotional trauma which can affect us lifetime after lifetime. These manifest as making the same bad relationship choices, repeating the same “stupid” mistakes and getting caught in a rut rather than living a life of joy and purpose.

Are you ready to get rid of all those repetitive, negative life patterns and people that are keeping you from living the joyful life you want to live? Tired of making the same bad relationship choices and ready to break THOSE patterns? Ready to reclaim and step into your personal power? Then, it’s time to get activated so you can live in alignment with and activated to your soul purpose!

During this all-inclusive, 3-Day intensive workshop, we will be sharing quantum healing techniques channeled to us by the Ascended Masters and our Celestial Guidance teams. In ceremonial circle, you will receive powerful light codes that will activate and align you with your soul purpose. Identify and clear negative patterns or limiting beliefs that are holding you back and learn how to stop repeating those bad relationship patterns. Most importantly, you will meet your “soul tribe.” You might come as strangers, but at every retreat we’ve held, we’ve all left as family. We are a family of lightseeds that are working on personal and planetary transformation. During this retreat, Amy will also channel the ascended masters so you can ask them any questions you may have about the planet’s and your personal ascension process.  If loved ones in spirit come through for participants, she will deliver those messages as well.

Our planet depends on light seeds activating, fulfilling their calling, and going beyond 5D (yes, BEYOND). This retreat is giving you the opportunity to heed that call. During this interactive retreat, you will:

  • Learn What a Celestial Shaman Is
  • The Celestial Shaman’s Role in Personal & Planetary Healing
  • Identify Negative Patterns and Limiting Beliefs
  • Release those Negative Patterns and Beliefs
  • Learn What Light Codes Are
  • Learn How to Activate & Anchor Light Codes
  • Learn How to Clear and Cross Over Entities and Spirits
  • Open and Close Dimensional Portals
  • Establish a Sacred, Protected Space for Spiritual Work
  • Learn How to use Empathic Gifts
  • Learn How to Protect your Energy
  • Learn How to Maintain a High Vibration
  • Take a Shamanic Journey to Meet your Guides and Totem Animals
  • Safely & Confidently Connect with your Celestial Guides
  • Work with your Celestial Team
  • Learn How to Re-script your Akashic Records
  • Practice Shamanic Drumming Techniques
  • Integrate Misplaced Soul Parts
  • Meet Your Soul Tribe

All meals and lodging are included during the intensive. If transportation is an issue, don’t let that stop you from attending!  Car pooling opportunities can be arranged. Please contact us to let us know if you are interested in car pooling. For those attendees that prefer to fly, San Luis Valley Regional is the closest and most convenient airport.  Denver International Airport is a four and a half hour drive from Crestone but is most likely the cheaper option. With enough notice, we can arrange transportation for groups who may be flying into Denver. Again, contact us if you are interested in car pooling.

  • About the Facilitators

    Amy Carroll


    Liz Grace Channeled Light

    Liz Grace

    Amy is a shamanic healer and teacher trained in the Incan tradition and a Reiki Master Teacher. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysics and is currently working toward her Master’s. She is also a trance channel with the ability to connect with and deliver messages from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Divine Mother and other highest-realm guides. Spirit has called her to teach a modernized healing modality called Celestial Shamanism, which includes some tenets of traditional earth shamanism along with light language. Her soul’s purpose is to awaken, activate and train lightworkers for Divine service. You can read her full bio here.


    Liz has always been a healer, but she didn’t always know it. She loves literature, so much so that she spent twelve years teaching English language arts to middle and high school students. She has always had a passion for recommending books and writing poetry. Language has been her chosen method of expression and growth. After years of yoga, meditation, and deep soul transformation, Liz finally opened to her spiritual gift of light language. She seeks to help people along their journey, assisting them as they discover their own gift of light.

    About the Location

    We will be staying at an air bnb in Crestone, Colorado. Crestone has been called the “Shambala of the Rockies”.  Home to a large variety of spiritual retreat centers, the area maintains a unique vibrational frequency conducive to spiritual exploration and growth. Noise is virtually non-existent, allowing for deep retrospection. Those who visit Crestone report miraculous spiritual experiences and awakenings. If you have a few extra days we highly encourage you to explore everything Crestone and surrounding areas have to offer. A couple of suggestions are the UFO Watchtower and I AM Harmony, where people have reported having deep transformational experiences. You can read more about Crestone here.

    Payment Options & What’s Included

    This retreat is limited to 15 participants. You will want to reserve your spot as early as possible to ensure your spot and receive the early enrollment discount. Price includes three nights lodging at an Air bnb in Crestone as well as breakfast lunch and dinner for the duration of the retreat. Vegan, vegetarian and specialty diets will be accomodated.

    Enroll before October 1st – $444
    After October 1st -$500

    Pay the full amount of $444 and secure your seat at this limited event.

    Pay a down payment of $222 to secure your seat at this limited event. The final payment of $222 will be due by October 5th. You will receive reminder emails of when payments are due.


    Due to the costs of reserving the Air BnB and catering costs for the weekend, we are unable to offer refunds after Sept. 1st. If you are unsure of your work schedule or prior commitments, we highly encourage you to confirm your availability before booking this retreat. We thank you for your understanding.