Celestial Shaman Training™

Level One

Introduction to Celestial Shamanism

The Online Training Experience Available 24/7, Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

What You’ll Learn

Nine Modules Covering 68 Different Topics with Downloadable Resources


The Foundation

Introduction to Earth or Traditional Shamanism
Shamanic Principles in the Modern World
What is Celestial Shamanism?
The Starseeds Mission
Your Personal Vibration/Frequency
Ways to Raise your Vibration
Energy Management 
The Four Paths to Becoming a Celestial Shaman:

  • Awakening
  • Activation
  • Ascension
  • Service

Portal to Ascension: The Basics

What is Ascension?
Upgrading to Lightbody
Personal Ascension Process
Planetary Ascension Process
Integrating Higher Frequencies into your Consciousness

Integrating Higher Frequencies into your Physical Body


Portal to Ascension: Physical & Energetic Hygiene

Light body and Physical body
Clearing the light body through Celestial Shamanism
Using Portals
Illuminating, Clearing & Balancing Chakras the Celestial Shaman Way
Protecting Yourself as an Empath

Portal to Ascension: Release & Reintegrate

Being in Right Ayni/Relationship
Identifying & Releasing Negative Patterns/false egos
What is the wounded/false ego?
Releasing Judgement and Expectation
Creating your new reality
Energy Cords & Feeding Tubes

  • What they are
  • How they work
  • How to cut them
  • How to stay clear from new attachments

The Multi dimensional Self
Soul aspects and re integration process
Overview of the Akashic Records
Using the Akashic Records in Celestial Shamanism
How to Rescript the Akashic Records

Portal to Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

  • Definition
  • Purpose
  • Triggers
  • Stages
  • Signs & Symptoms

The Celestial Shaman’s role in Spiritual Awakening
Awakening to Gifts
Types of Gifts
Expressing and Embracing your Gifts
Developing your Gifts
How to find the Right Mentor

Portal to Ascension: Stepping on the Shamanic Path

What to expect
Creating a Sacred Space for transformation
Communing Safely & Accurately with Spirit and your guides

Portal to Ascension: Building a Working Relationship with Your Guides

Working with your Celestial Guides
Your Celestial Guides Role in your Ascension Process
Types of Guides
Inner and Outer Guides
Power and totem animals
Understanding how your guides communicate with you

Meet your Celestial Guides

Journey: MP3 Journey to meet your celestial guides
Journey: MP3 Journey to meet your totem and power animals

Portal to Activation

What Is “Activation”?
How Activation Occurs
Light language, Light Codes & DNA Activation
Preparing for Activation
What to expect after activation
Self Care after activation

Portal to Service

Exploring your gifts as a career
Connecting to your community
Marketing your services
Energy exchanges

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