Registration is now open for the online portion of our Celestial Shaman training! We open registration only three times per year: Spring, Summer and Fall.

As the planet ascends, more people are waking up to new abilities. Gifts of empathy, psychic ability, light language, mediumship, hands-on healing and more are being activated. These gifts are activating because people are being called to service as Celestial Shaman, also called galactic or cosmic shaman.
The skill set of the celestial shaman is varied. The shaman incorporates many healing modalities, yet there has been no official training that consolidates them. Gone are the traditional ways of training shaman with archaic terms and practices. What is emerging now are the galactic shaman that work in the quantum realms here on this planet. Until now, there has been no standardized teaching for these shaman.
Celestial Shamanism Level 1- Pathway to Peace provides the essential framework for today’s awakening lightworkers.