JULY 13 2019  TRYON NC

Where: 38 Windy Hill Lane, Tryon NC 28756
What time: 9:30 am

Join the Blue Star Tribe and Sozo Oil’s Stephanie Junge for a powerful mid-year reboot! It’s time to get out of the mid-year funk, shed the past and step into your personal power.  This workshop taps into the healing power of the full moon (which occurs on the 16th), shamanic ceremony and essential oils to release what’s not working for you and attract more of what brings you joy! Quantum physics has proven that everything at the subatomic level consists of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. These frequencies attract like frequencies. When we dwell in a frequency of contentment or higher, we resonate with and attract people and situations that bring us joy. Essential oils can help us tap into these higher frequencies. Our dna also carries “light codes” that can reprogram negative thought patterns, facilitate healing and allow us to connect easier with our spirit guides. These light codes can be activated by Light Language practitioners and through shamanic drumming.

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Learn how to identify “false egos” and repetitive patterns that are not in your highest and best good
  • Participate in a creative exercise to express the false egos you wish to release
  • Release these false egos in a shamanic fire ceremony under the power of the full moon
  • Learn rituals to use during all the moon’s phases to increase abundance
  • Learn what Light Language is
  • Create verbal, written and gestured light language
  • Participate in a shamanic drumming circle
  • Receive a light language activation and healing
  • Take a meditative journey to meet your power and totem animals
  • Learn about essential oils and their use in your personal spiritual and healing process
  • Sample various essential oils
  • Learn how using these oils daily can help you live your best life
About The Facilitators

Ryan Reno, Amy Carroll and Liz Grace

Blue Star Tribe Founders
Shamanic healers Amy, Ryan and Liz will lead the participants in a drumming circle that utilizes light language to activate each person’s codes, facilitate healing and raise their vibration. Celestial Shaman Amy will then lead participants on a meditative journey to meet their power and totem animals, who will bring spiritual gifts to assist the participants in realizing their own full potential.

You can read Amy, Ryan and Liz’s full bios on our About Page.

Participants will do a creative drawing project which expresses the patterns, thoughts and situations they wish to eliminate. At nightfall, Amy will guide participants in a ritual under the full moon to release these negative aspects. She will also teach participants how to harness the power of the moon in all its phases to attract abundance.

Stephanie Junge

Stephanie Junge

Stephanie Junge
Reiki practitioner and Doterra essential oil expert Stephanie Junge will teach participants about the vibrational benefits of essential oils and how they can assist in repelling negativity and maintaining a high vibration. During this workshop, Stephanie will teach you mindfulness and breathing practices to reconnect you to your true self so you may live your best, highest vibrational lives.

This workshop will be held at beautiful White Oak Cove in Tryon, NC. Located adjacent to Tryon International Equestrian Center, this 17 acre property has multiple waterfalls, over 1500 feet of White Oak River frontage, a pond, multiple streams, hiking trails and is the perfect place to dissolve your worries, get inspired and embrace the peace within. View the White Oak Cove gallery here.