Trance Channel, Shaman & Reiki Master Teacher
Founder, Blue Star Tribe

Learn Channeling

Being able to connect with your own spiritual guides is vital for starseeds. Many have transcended the skill level of earthly teachers in regards to their healing abilities. This means, the source of their information will come from a higher realm, such as ETs, Source an their own higher selves.

To help you develop your channeling skills, I offer a one on one mentorship program.

My Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy is everyone has the gift of mediumship, it just needs to be developed. When I first started out, I read blogs and books. They were informative but they didn’t help me learn things like discernment. I mean, how do you truly know that who you’re talking to on the other side REALLY is who they say they are?! You have to work with an experienced medium that can also see/hear/know clearly.  They can detect who you are contacting and then validate the messages you receive.

Energy management is also extremely important for psychic development. As an empath and a medium, something as simple as shopping at Wal-mart completely drained me. I didn’t know how to protect myself. As my abilities increased, an experienced mentor was invaluable. Having that personal interaction was a game changer.  I also discovered that my gifts went far deeper than I imagined because I’m not just a medium. I’m a trance medium.  It was my mentor who identified my ability to trance channel. I wouldn’t have discovered that through online training videos or self-guided courses.

My teaching style is very relatable – I don’t use a ton of industry jargon. I explain the process in terms anyone can understand. I work with you and your guides while you develop your connection to your spiritual team. The end goal is to advance you to the point where you can connect with your guides effectively and receive information clearly.

Because mediumship can be dangerous and open you to spiritual attack, this is a six month minimum commitment. This will allow you the time to learn the basics of grounding, protection, opening and closing your connection to the other side. You will learn how to practice mediumship responsibly. 


I am offering two options: A monthly payment option with a six month commitment ($125 per month for 6 months) and and a one-time purchase option of $700 (save $50 by paying in full).

Scroll down to see everything that’s included and choose a payment option.


In this training, you will:

  • Learn the different types of mediums (and which one you are)
  • Identify your personal psychic gifts
  • Learn which tools you can use to amplify your gifts
  • Learn how to effectively and properly ground yourself
  • Learn how to put spiritual protections in place
  • Learn how to discern if who you are talking to on the other side really is who they say they are
  • How to build your power and use it to connect to the other side
  • Using triggers to connect quickly


  • How to connect to your personal spirit team (guides and angels)
  • Meet your personal spirit team
  • Meet your power and totem animal guides
  • Identify your spirit team’s individual “handshake”
  • How to call on and work with your spiritual team
  • Learn how to identify and interpret synchronicities, signs and symbols from your team and loved ones in spirit (both yours and the person you are reading for)
  • Learn how to trust what you see
  • How to do a reading for someone else accurately

Here’s what you get when you join:

Live video calls

Once per month, we’ll meet via Zoom for one hour. You will work with me exclusively. Calls will be recorded so you can reference them later.

Content library

Exclusive access to my online content library with worksheets, action plans and video tutorials.

Members Only Discounts

Discounts and advanced bookings for upcoming seminars and classes. Members also receive 10% discount on readings and healing services.


  • You feel you have mediumship or channeling abilities and want to explore or improve them.
  • You are willing to commit at least three months to training.
  • You want to use mediumship for your own personal spiritual development.
  • You want to use mediumship to read for others.
  • You have some mediumship experience but feel you need a refresher course or want to learn different techniques than the ones you are already using.


  • You are already connecting confidently with your guides.
  • You are unable to commit at least three months to training.
  • You already understand synchronicities and signs from your guides.
  • You already know how to effectively protect yourself.



If you choose this option, you will work exclusively with Amy and no other students during your two monthly mentorship sessions.


  • $50 discount off monthly price
  • Three months of 1-on-1 mentoring prepaid
  • Access to Content Library
  • Access to members-only discounts
  • Early access to future seminars and workshops


Monthly Payments

  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Access to Content Library
  • Access to members-only discounts
  • Early access to future seminars and workshops
  • Access to private facebook community

 $125 per month