Founder, Blue Star Tribe & Creator of Celestial Shaman Training

I’m Reina and this is How I Serve

My mission is to help starseeds discover their soul purpose and then support them with the healing, education and tools they need to fulfill that purpose. I do this in a variety of ways.

First, I offer Soul Purpose Channeling Sessions where you can have a two way conversation with your guides and your highest self to determine what your mission is.

Next, I offer a shamanic healing session that will clear any blockages (past and current life) that are keeping you from that purpose.

Finally, for those ready to serve others, I offer the first-ever standardized Celestial Shaman training curriculum. This course teaches you the foundation for connecting with your own celestial guides, healing trauma and integrating all aspects of your multi-dimensional self so you may fully embody your divine gifts.

I also offer a channeling mentorship program for those who feel called to be mediums and trance channelers.

My Offerings

My Soul Purpose Channeling Session will identify your soul’s mission, obstacles blocking you from achieving it and how to remove those blockages. I will also connect and introduce you to your celestial guidance team. This is a one hour session.

This in-depth training will teach you the foundations of Celestial Shamanism, including how to connect and work with your personal celestial guidance team. This is the first step in understanding what it means to integrate all apects of your multi-dimensional self and to fully embody your divine gifts.

This is a two hour session. One hour of healing done remotely and a one hour follow up video call where Reina will discuss findings and give you any follow up procedures you need to do. During the healing, Reina will use a combination of traditional and celestial shamanism to clear karma, remove entities, cut cords and feeding tubes, cancel non-beneficial soul contracts and assist you in healing any other issues preventing you from a joyful and purposeful life.

Master your own channeling and mediumship abilities by mentoring with Reina.