Founder, Blue Star Tribe

I’m Reina and this is How I Serve

My mission is to help starseeds heal soul wounds so they can overcome fear and connect with their soul at its highest dimensional level. I do this through a soul healing session that will clear any blockages (past and current life). These may include non-beneficial soul traumas, soul contracts, etheric implants, curses or anything else keeping you from moving forward. This healing session may also include divine gifts being activated. 

For those still unsure of their Soul Mission, I offer 60 minute Channeling Sessions where you can have a two way conversation with your soul to determine what your mission is, what may be keeping you from fulfilling it and what your next steps should be.

Finally, for those who want to learn how to heal themself or others, I offer Celestial Shaman training. This course teaches you the foundation for connecting with your own highest self, healing soul trauma and integrating all aspects of your multi-dimensional self so you may fully embody your divine gifts.

My Offerings

During this 60 min Zoom session, I connect directly with your soul and Spirit guides to channel information, activate divine gifts and facilitate healing (if needed). Think session is like a two way conversation with your soul where you can ask questions and get real time answers. We can discover what your soul mission is, what is blocking you from achieving it and what your unique gifts are. You may also be given specific ways your guides are communicating with you as well which guides are currently assisting you. Your soul may send healing in the form of light language and reiki.
This session is for those who need guidance or healing for a specific issue. It is a shorter version of my 60 minute session because typically those who book this session have previously booked a longer session and just need quick or follow-up guidance. 

If you have not had a 60 minute session with me before, this shorter, less expensive session will be a good introduction to how I work and the effectiveness of the results we achieve working together.