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The Soul Purpose Activation retreat is for lightworkers, healers, and starseeds who are ready to step into their soul purpose and fulfill their mission on planet Earth as we ascend to 5D and beyond.
This retreat facilitates the process of integrating your multi-dimensional self and activating you to your soul purpose.

You’re ready for this retreat if you:

  • already consider yourself a lightworker, wayshower, healer or starseed
  • are called to do some kind of planetary or other healing work but you’re not sure what to do
    feel stuck
  • have gifts but need guidance on how to use them
  • know you’re a walk-in soul or starseed or think you could be one
  • know you’re here for a bigger purpose
  • know you have an important mission to complete, but you don’t know what it is
  • want to know what your purpose is and how to fulfill it
  • are starting to integrate your multi-dimensional self

How do you know if you are starting to integrate your multi-dimensional self?

You may be:

  • speaking, writing or signing light language
  • experiencing contact from celestial beings
  • having a kundalini awakening
  • merging with your higher self and/or other soul aspects such as angelics, elementals, and starbeings
  • having a walk-in soul experience

The first step in integrating your multi-dimensional self is realizing there are frequencies that are not in alignment with divine source code. They are false matrix patterns and faulty programming that keep us anchored in the 3D.

At the Soul Purpose Activation retreat, we teach you how to use etheric technologies and light language to re-script 3D false matrix codes, past-life programming and more, so that you may eliminate the discordant energies that keep us from hearing the one divine frequency of love. Installing divine matrix codes moves us to 5D and beyond.

If you are a healer and want to learn how to use these technologies in your healing work, you can supplement what you’ve learned at the retreat by taking the self-paced Celestial Shamanism Level 1: Pathway to Peace online course.

What will you experience during this retreat?

During this 5-Day intensive workshop, Reina & Angelica will share quantum healing techniques channeled by the Ascended Masters and our Celestial Guidance teams. In one-on-one sessions and ceremonial circle, you will receive powerful light codes that will activate and align you with your soul purpose. You will also receive guidance and identify and clear negative patterns or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You will experience transformational group alchemy as you bond with your fellow lightworkers and assist each other with integrating. You will meet your “soul tribe.” You might come as strangers, but you leave as a family of lightseeds that are working on personal and planetary transformation.
Our planet depends on light seeds activating, fulfilling their calling, and going beyond 5D (yes, BEYOND). This retreat is giving you the opportunity to heed that call. During this interactive retreat, you will:

Learn What a Celestial Shaman Is
Discuss the Celestial Shaman’s Role in Personal & Planetary Healing
Identify Negative Patterns and Limiting Beliefs
Release those Negative Patterns and Beliefs
Learn What Light Codes Are
Learn How to Activate & Anchor Light Codes
Learn How to Clear and Cross Over Entities and Spirits
Open and Close Dimensional Portals
Establish a Sacred, Protected Space for Spiritual Work
Learn How to use Empathic Gifts
Learn How to Protect your Energy
Learn How to Safely & Confidently Connect with your Celestial Guides
Work with your Celestial Team
Learn How to Re-script your Akashic Records
Practice Shamanic Drumming Techniques
Integrate Misplaced Soul Parts
Meet Your Soul Tribe

All of the above components are a sampling of the key teachings of Celestial Shamanism. They are the curriculum for the final module as well as the capstone of the Celestial Shamanism Level 1 training. The online training is not required in order to attend the retreat. However, we highly recommended taking the course in order to get a better understanding of the teachings and your experience. Those seeking the first level of certification in Celestial Shamanism must complete the retreat to obtain certification.

A Soul Purpose Activation Session or Soul Restoration Session is also an integral part of the retreat.

A Soul Purpose Activation is required for every student in the Celestial Shamanism course and for all retreat attendees, and if you have already had a soul purpose activation, a Soul Restoration Session is required. These sessions are one-on-one energy work sessions that assist you in the ascension and multidimensional integration process, and they help align you to higher frequencies, your higher self, and your soul purpose.

What is a Soul Purpose Activation Session?

The soul purpose activation is a combined energy healing, DNA activation, and channeled guidance session where you discuss your mission & are activated to your soul purpose. We help you integrate your multi-dimensional self and re-align you to your own divine source code so that you may fulfill your mission.
Together, Reina and Angelica carry a complete set of codes that awaken & activate lightworkers. Reina and Angelica work in tandem just as a doctor & nurse work together. We support you as you take flight on this ascension journey. Together, we make sure you have everything you need for takeoff, including working machinery. In software terms, Angelica installs the software while Reina explains how to use it.
Angelica also receives etheric gifts from your team, installing & activating them in your light body. These energetic technologies unlock abilities necessary for your mission. Each gift is unique to the individual. They may include etheric armor such as shielding plates, belts, swords, hand gloves, & more. Other gifts include crowns, crystals, & other etheric technologies for which we currently have no Earthly comparison.
What is a Soul Purpose Restoration Session?
You will continue to integrate your multi-dimensional self, receiving upgrades in consciousness and further installations of divine matrix codes.
During this session, you will receive another round of guidance, DNA activations, and soul integrative technologies.
You must schedule your session in advance for Monday or Tuesday of the retreat. To schedule your session, please email us to tell us which day you prefer. Those who schedule Monday may choose to leave the retreat a day early. Those who schedule Tuesday may wish to use Monday as an integration day. Either way, be sure to give yourself at least one day of down time to integrate following the retreat.
Following the retreat, we will provide guidance on proper aftercare. We also offer a support program to help as you move forward on your mission. Integrating your multi-dimensional self is an ongoing process.
If you are inspired to learn more, and you have already taken Celestial Shamanism Level 1, you can enroll in Celestial Shamanism Level 2, where you learn how to assist others in using etheric technologies, working with etheric technicians, and more to assist in the multi-dimensional integration and ascension process.


This retreat will be held in Tryon, NC which is conveniently located 45 minutes from Asheville, NC and Greenville SC.  It is an hour and 15 minute drive from Charlotte NC. If you are flying in, Asheville and Greenville Spartanburg airports are the closest. Charlotte Douglas International is the next closest airport.

What is the investment for the retreat?

$1111 covers the cost of the training, activations, and one-on-one healing session with Angelica and Reina. Food, lodging and transportation are not included. However, we will do our best to connect you with other attendees to coordinate lodging and transportation to reduce costs.

We are offering two payment options – pay $1111 in full or make two monthly payments of $555.