Celestial Shaman Training Coming in February 2020



More and more light beings are shifting into higher consciousness as well as integrating their multidimensional higher selves. Incorporating these higher frequencies can be confusing, challenging and uncomfortable. Celestial Shamanism is a process that assists light beings in processing past life trauma and integrating their multidimensional soul aspects so they can achieve their soul purpose. This healing modality takes the old school tenets of traditional shamanism and updates them for the modern world. The Celestial Shaman works alongside their celestial guides to heal themselves then (if they feel called), to help others heal. For a full explanation, read our comprehensive blog post.

If you feel called to be a celestial shaman or interested in how it can assist in self-healing, we are launching an online course in February 2020. Sign up to get notified when we go live.

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Learn about Celestial shamanism. View the class schedule. 

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