Connect with your celestial guides and embody your soul’s mission

Train to be a Celestial Shaman


Celestial Shaman are starseeds who incarnated here to be intermediaries between off-planet beings and humans for the purpose of restoring our original divine matrix dna codes. Their role is to help humanity ditch the earthly fear-pain-trauma programming so they may fulfill their soul’s purpose and mission. 

Celestial Shaman training teaches you to how to connect with your celestial guides and etheric technicians to fully integrate ALL aspects of your multi-dimensional self. This involves healing false programming and re-installing your personal divine matrix codes which allows you to fully step into your power and embody your  soul’s mission.

Spirit has called many Celestial Shaman to service, but few answer the call or even know HOW to answer.  That’s changed. Now, those who feel called to be Celestial Shaman can receive the training they need to awaken their divine gifts, activate their divine source codes and assist the planet in the ascension process.



Classes, mentorship, and healing services for those working toward integrating their multi-dimensional selves and embodying their soul purpose.

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