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Celestial Shaman are being called to service every day. They are waking up to light language, energy healing gifts and channeling skills. The term “Celestial Shaman” has been used in the past but until now, there has been no consistent explanation for what a celestial shaman is or a standardized curriculum training. Spirit has called Reina and Angelica Grace to change that.

For the first time ever, those called to be celestial shaman can receive training and certification as a Blue Star Celestial Shaman. This training is designed to teach the celestial shaman how to heal themselves, maximize their divine gifts, and fulfill their role as planetary healers.

Soul Purpose Activation Retreat

August 14-18 2020


The Soul Purpose Activation retreat is for lightworkers, healers, and starseeds who are ready to step into their soul purpose and fulfill their mission on planet Earth as we ascend to 5D and beyond.
This retreat facilitates the process of integrating your multi-dimensional self and activating you to your soul purpose..

Starseed Connection Virtual Meetup

Join the Monthly Zoom Call

Let us support you in your mission by connecting you with fellow Starseeds around the globe. We are Reina and Angelica Grace, founders of the Blue Star Tribe we are hosting monthly Connection Calls so you can find others like you who are helping the planet ascend.

Our mission is to help starseeds connect to each other so they can build an effective support system. During this monthly virtual meetup, we devote time to connecting,  discussing a relevant topic and sharing light codes and channeled messages with the group.



Starseed Soul Integrator



Soul Purpose Activator

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