I’m Reina

Founder of the Blue Star Tribe

Soul Healer & Celestial Shaman Mentor

Do you stuggle to connect with or trust guidance from your higher self and Spirit guides? Are you afraid to “step into” your full power or feel unworthy? Are you a healer who keeps getting certifications in different healing modalities but never actually starts healing others due to fear and uncertainty?

If so, you’ve probably wondered why you have these irrational fears and blockages. You want to know how you can overcome them and move forward. If this sounds familiar,  know you are not alone! I’ve helped many starseeds release these fears and step into their full power so they can move forward confidently in their personal and professional lives.

ready to RELEASE FEAR AND live in full alignment with your soul?

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During this one hour Zoom session, I connect directly with your soul and Spirit guides. Think of this like a two way conversation with your soul where you can ask questions and get real time answers. We discover what your soul mission is, what is blocking you from achieving it and what your unique gifts are. You may also be given specific ways your guides are communicating with you as well which guides are currently assisting you.

Once you have identified what your mission is and what is keeping you shackled in fear or blocked, it’s time to fix it! In this one hour Zoom session, I will assist you in clearing soul trauma,  remove any attached entities, cut energetic cords and feeding tubes. I will teach you how to put protections in place so these cords and entities do not re-attach. I may also cancel non-beneficial soul contracts you’ve made but aren’t even aware of. Using light codes, I will activate your etheric gifts and assist you in healing any other issues preventing you from a joyful and purposeful life.

During this 30 minute Zoom session, I will connect with your soul and your spirit guides to answer any questions you have about your career, life path, relationships or any other issue you need divine guidance in. If you have a loved one in spirit you would like to speak with, I will attempt to connect with them as well. After our session is over, you will receive a video and audio recording of your reading.

All healers start out as wounded healers who heal themselves. Many are called to service to assist others in healing. Celestial Shaman are soul healers who work at the highest levels of consciousness with interdimensional beings for self-healing and to heal others. Celestial Shamanism can be used as a stand-alone healing modality or it can be combined with any current modality you are practicing. To learn more about what a celestial shaman does and what you will learn through my program, click the Learn More link below.

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