I’m Reina

Trance Channel, Mentor & Founder of the Blue Star Tribe

Have You Had A Spiritual Awakening or Calling but Need Guidance?

I have the professional training, education, and real-life experience to help you understand, develop and expand your unique gifts.  Your soul wants to experience a life of joy, purpose and satisfaction through using your gifts to positively impact the lives of others. I founded the Blue Star Tribe to connect you with others who understand your gifts and will support your growth as well as connect you to the  resources you need to recognize your full potential.


Remember & Live your Soul Purpose

Your soul retains lifetimes of memories. It knows where you’ve been, why you’re here now and creates future opportunities. Free from doubt or fear, the soul knows it has all the essential knowledge, tools and gifts waiting for those brave enough to take the journey to retrieve them.

The beauty of this journey is that YOU and you alone get to choose how that adventure unfolds. You are far more powerful than you believe. You need only remember.

Be humble in the presence of the Mighty for the Mighty lies within us all, like a tiny acorn waiting to hatch into an oak. It only need reach for the stars and steadily climb skyward to become all this it is. When you doubt your greatness, imagine the humble acorn. Tiny as it is, all it needed was within. Every step of the way.



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