Celestial Shaman™ Level One

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It’s Time to Overcome Fear & Step into Your Full Power

You’re an ET soul in a human body. You have been here many times in many different physical forms to remind humanity of their soul sovereignty. You were probably one of the original “Old Gods” who seeded this planet and helped humans advance spiritually, mentally and physically. You feel an affinity to ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria – because you lived there.

Why You Are afraid of Your Full Power

You, yourself, eventually took human form to further assist humanity. While in this human form, you had all the magnificent powers and ancient knowledge of your higher dimensional consciousness, fully incorporated in your 3D body. You needed these gifts to fight dark forces who enslaved humans. Because of these gifts, you were easily recognized and stood out from “normal” humans. The dark alliance would hunt you and torture you. This did not succeed in stopping you from sharing your knowledge and protecting humanity. So to force you into submission, they tortured and murdered your brothers, sisters and children of the light. THIS would break you.

And if they did not break you, they killed you. This meant re-integrating into new bodies and resuming the mission. Meanwhile, the order of darkness would condition new generations of humans to worship and fear them. They would introduce new religions and teachings that would reinforce this system. Finally, they would convince them that THEY were the good guys and the lightworkers were the bad ones. We, the Divine Order of Light, were not winning this war.

 The Reincarnation “Genie Bottle”

We decided to make a pact. To win this war, we must forget who we were, what we were, what our mission was and even forget each other. We had to go underground. We agreed to give up our earthly immortality to enter earth’s reincarnation cycle to help humans ascend beyond those who made them willing slaves.

And so we met under the full moon as family….to soon part as strangers.  We hugged, shed tears and said our goodbyes. We promised to keep incarnating until we DID remember who we were, what we were and how we came to serve. And finally, to remember each other and our commitment to leading humans back to their sovereign self.

The Original Soul Wounds

The soul holds all memories – including those the physical body does not. Each reincarnation, we arrive in a new body with a new brain but an old soul. Think of it like an iPhone. You store your files in the cloud so they don’t clutter up your new phone, yet you can access those files at any time – if you know how.

Your soul, like the cloud, stores all memories from all lifetimes. It remembers how the dark alliance tortured and murdered your loved ones just to get you to hide your true nature and stop working your soul mission. While your soul remembers these atrocities, it also understands that all things can be viewed from a point of neutrality and unconditional love. Soul knows the true path to peace is loving yourself and forgiving yourself unconditionally.

Your ego also resides in your physical body. It, too, remembers these old wounds and runs like a background program to protect you. It keeps you in fear so that you don’t ever have to experience the soul trauma you experienced watching your loved ones perish because of you. Ego has the best intentions for you, but does not know how to manifest from anything other than fear. So, ego makes you afraid to “shine”, lest you bring attention to yourself. Ego makes you afraid to fully embrace your spiritual power and use it to help others, lest you be publically persecuted. Ego keeps you in narcissistic relationships because suffering is a known variable while leaving that situation is the unknown and the pain of the “un-knowing” (soul purpose, soul family etc)  is what you suffered when you entered the reincarnation cycle. Ego makes you procrastinate, doubt and stay locked into a soul-sucking dead end job just to pay the bills because you’re afraid of what will happen if you DO become that beautiful light being you KNOW you are!

How Celestial Shaman Training Can Free You from the “Genie Bottle”

The key isn’t to kill off ego. Ego is your protector. Ego loves Soul and knows when the physical vessel dies, he has to separate from his beloved soul until they reincarnate again. That is why Ego will keep soul hid away, pre-occupied with fear and suffering. Ego isn’t the “bad guy”.  Ego is just misguided. Ego and Soul must learn to work together to heal the soul wounds from your time as an Old God. To do this, you have to embark on that epic journey back to self – that soul sovereign self where you embodied the frequency of Source/Soul — the frequency of unconditional love. And you must, once again, embody that higher dimensional consciousness in your 3D body.

In my Celestial Shaman course, you will:

  • Learn your galactic history (how’d we end up in these human bodies, anyway?!)
  • Discover the original soul wounds (and how to heal them)
  • Understand the twin flame dynamic (and how to get in union)
  • Learn how to start manifesting from love (soul) and stop manifesting from fear and suffering (ego)
  • Find out which star family you belong to
  • Learn how to communicate with your star family
  • Meet your celestial guides
  • Connect with your own soul/higher self for guidance
  • Unlock your latent divine gifts
  • Journey to find your soul symbol
  • Reclaim your soul memories
  • Remember your soul mission
  • Remove obstacles to achieving that soul mission
  • Begin integrating your multidimensional self to embody that mission  




Meet Your On-Planet Guide

I’m Reina. I am a formally trained Incan shaman, having received all nine Munay-ki Rites (including the creator rites).  I am also an experienced trance channel and Reiki Master Teacher. I earned my Masters in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and am currently working toward my Ph.D. 

My training now comes from my celestial guides and my own highest self. Many starseeds, like me, are old souls who have interdimensional teachers. It is my mission to teach these starseeds how to connect with those etheric guides and technicians so they can receive that training and healing.

What’s Included in the Online Training?


Live monthly video group meetings provide opportunity to ask questions, delve deeper and bond with your fellow tribemates.

Learn when it’s convenient for you. You get one-year access to the program which is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.

Join other starseeds on the Celestial Shaman path in a supportive, understanding, inclusive environment.  

Downloadable MP3 guided journeys to meet your celestial guides, release limiting beliefs and more. Listen anywhere, anytime  on any device.

Price & Payment Options

Investment: $444

Payment options:

1) Pay $444 in full (Save 40%)

2) Pay 12 monthly payments of $55.50