Blue Star Celestial Shaman Training™

Celestial Shaman Training Level One:

Pathway to Peace

Summer Registration Opens June 1st


Training Consists of Two Components:

The Online Training Experience Available 24/7, Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

The In-Person 5-Day Intensive Hands-on Retreat Experience


Answer your Soul’s Call to Service with Celestial Shaman Training

Celestial Shaman are being called to service every day.  The term “Celestial Shaman” has been used in the past but until now, there has been no consistent explanation for what a celestial shaman is or a standardized curriculum for celestial shaman training. Spirit has called Reina and Angelica Grace to change that. For the first time ever, those called to be celestial shaman can receive training and certification as a Blue Star Celestial Shaman.

What is a Celestial Shaman?

In simple terms, celestial shaman are starseeds (on the ascension mission) that channel and have the ability to open and close portals. Many carry a portal in their own energy bodies. They are aware and acknowledge their galactic origins and they have discovered some, if not all, of their gifts. All celestial shaman are channelers. They may channel information (like a medium), healing (like Reiki) or information AND healing combined (like light language)

Connect with your Celestial Guides to Elevate your Divine Gifts

Part of the ascension process is to drop ego and heal oneself. A shaman can not heal others until they themselves have been healed. Maybe you’ve been on the road to self-healing but still find yourself confronted with the same frustrating challenges over and over. You’re ready to get over these hurdles and fulfill your soul purpose.  Many starseeds will seek out earthly mentors to develop their gifts, but in reality, they have moved beyond these teachers. Their teachers are in the galactic realms. As such, it’s essential for celestial shaman to perfect their channeling skills so they may connect clearly with their off-planet celestial teachers. 

Pathway to Peace is designed to teach the celestial shaman how to heal themselves, maximize their divine gifts and connect with their galactic guides so they may fulfill their role as planetary healers. You are NOT alone! You HAVE an entire team of guides waiting to assist you, you just need to meet them!  This training focuses heavily on establishing and building a rock-solid relationship with your celestial team and your on-planet guides. 

We’ve called Level one Pathway to Peace because that’s exactly what it is – training designed to lead you down a path of self-assessment, illuminating old patterns and programming that are hindering you from living a peaceful life in alignment with your soul purpose. It also gives you peace of mind knowing you have others walking this path with you. Only through healing ourselves can we effectively heal others and only through working together can we heal the planet.




Angelica Grace

Angelica Grace

Meet Your On-Planet Guides & Star Family

Angelica Grace and Reina are part of your planetary guidance team and they’ve developed the first-ever standardized teaching curriculum for Celestial Shamanism.  You’ll also meet your tribe of fellow starseeds working on the ascension process (both personal and planetary). 

What's Included in the Online Training?


Live monthly video group meetings provide opportunity to ask questions, delve deeper and bond with your fellow tribemates.

Downloadable workbook with exercises to help you process your own journey to empowerment and soul alignment .

Learn when it's convenient for you. You get one-year access to all nine modules covering 68 different topics accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.

Downloadable MP3 guided journeys to meet your celestial guides, release limiting beliefs and more. Listen anywhere, anytime  on any device.

Get guidance, receive healing or both with a 1-on-1 online session with Reina or Angelica (your choice). This is $175 service but is included as part of this course.

Join other starseeds on the Celestial Shaman path in a supportive, understanding, inclusive environment.  

What's Included at the In-Person Retreat?


Learn how to apply what you've learned in the online training.

Each participant will be activated to their own personal light codes during a one on one session with Reina and Angelica

All participants successfully completing the online and in-person training will receive certificates.

2020 Retreat Dates & Location

Spring Retreat: May 29th - 31st Tryon, NC

Summer Retreat: August 14th - 17th Tryon, NC

Fall Retreat: November 13th-16th*

*Tentative date and location TBD: Estes Park or Boulder or Denver, CO


What You Get

24/7 Access to online learning content consisting of 9 modules covering 68 different topics ($1000 value)

Downloadable worksheets to help you process your personal transformation journey. ($50 value)

Transformational group alchemy via live monthly group video meetings with Reina, Angelica Grace & your tribe. ($500 value)

Private Facebook group for Blue Star Tribe course members.

Downloadable MP3 shamanic journeys. ($150 value)

4-Day Intensive in-person retreat ($1000 value)

Pricing & Payment Options

If you purchased all content, workbooks,  and the retreat separately, you'd pay $2,700. 

Online Portion: $444

4-Day Retreat (meals included): $1111

Total Investment: $1555

Payment options:

1) Pay $1555 in full for online training and retreat. 

2) Pay $444 for online portion now and $1111 before your selected retreat date. You can break the $1111 up into two payments of $555.50 if you prefer.

3) Pay 6 monthly payments of $74 for online portion and $444 before your selected retreat date