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Train to be a Celestial Shaman


If you are reading this, Spirit has called you to service. Your soul is saying “Release the fear of stepping into your power and be that beautiful light being you CAME to be!” Humanity depends on YOU, on me and on all of us who have volunteered for the ascension mission. Celestial Shaman training gives you the knowledge and tools to heal yourself of past and current life trauma, reclaim your power and embody your soul’s mission here on this planet.

I’m Reina, founder of the Blue Star Tribe. I know Celestial Shaman are being called to service every day.  The term “Celestial Shaman” or “Galactic Shaman” has been used in the past but until now, there has been no consistent explanation for what a celestial shaman is or a standardized curriculum for celestial shaman training. I’ve changed that. For the first time ever, those called to be celestial shaman can receive training and certification so they may answer the call to service.


Classes, mentorship, and healing services for those working toward integrating their multi-dimensional selves and embodying their soul purpose.

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High Vibe Full Moon Workshop

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