Connect with your Celestial Guides to Embody Your Soul's Misson

Celestial Shaman are starseeds who incarnated here to be intermediaries between off-planet beings and humans for the purpose of restoring our original divine matrix dna codes. Their role is to help humanity ditch the earthly fear-pain-trauma programming so they may fulfill their soul’s purpose and mission.
Celestial Shaman training teaches you to how to connect with your celestial guides and etheric technicians to fully integrate ALL aspects of your multi-dimensional self. This involves healing false programming and re-installing your personal divine matrix codes which allows you to fully step into your power and embody your soul’s mission.
Spirit has called many Celestial Shaman to service, but few answer the call or even know HOW to answer. That’s changed. Now, those who feel called to be Celestial Shaman can receive the training they need to awaken their divine gifts, activate their divine source codes and assist the planet in the ascension process.

11-11 Portal Event - Indigo Starseed Soul Activation

The master number 11 carries light codes of enlightenment and spiritual development. Every year, on 11-11 an energy portal opens which promotes alignment with our highest self and personal Divine Matrix codes. This is the time for starseeds to release old, non-beneficial patterns, integrate higher aspects of consciousness and get re-connected with our soul mission. The time is now! This is what we came for, starseed nation!

Join Celestial Shaman Nicole Moore and trance medium Reina for a day of clearing, reconnection and activation. In-person and virtual passes available.



Founder, Blue Star Tribe

I’m Reina and this is How I Serve

I do one thing and one thing only – I re-connect starseeds to their celestial guides so they can remember and fulfil their soul purpose. Starseeds KNOW they are here for an important mission and feel an overwhelming urge to complete that mission. The problem is, we come here with amnesia. We don’t always remember what that mission is. We get sucked into this 3D matrix of repeating negative patterns which keep us sidetracked. Many of us know we’re powerful but are afraid of embodying that same power!

Step over the threshold of fear and uncertainty, starseeds! Confim your soul mission, release the fear and the negative patterns so you CAN step into your full power and fulfill your soul mission for this liftetime. Here’s how I help you do that:

My Soul Purpose Channeling Sessions allow you to have a two way conversation with your guides and your highest self to determine what your mission is.

Once we establish that mission and the obstacles preventing you from achieving it, my shamanic healing session will clear any blockages (past and current life) that are keeping you from that purpose. This healing session may also include activating etheric gifts.

Finally, for those called to a higher level of service, I offer Celestial Shaman training. This course teaches you the foundation for connecting with your own celestial guides, healing trauma and integrating all aspects of your multi-dimensional self so you may fully embody your divine gifts.


Services for those working toward embodying their soul purpose.

My Soul Purpose Channeling Session will identify your soul’s mission, obstacles blocking you from achieving it and how to remove those blockages. I will also connect and introduce you to your celestial guidance team. This is a one hour session.

This in-depth training will teach you the foundations of Celestial Shamanism, including how to connect and work with your personal celestial guidance team. This is the first step in understanding what it means to integrate all apects of your multi-dimensional self and to fully embody your divine gifts.

This is a two hour session. One hour of healing done remotely and a one hour follow up video call where Reina will discuss findings and give you any follow up procedures you need to do. During the healing, Reina will use a combination of traditional and celestial shamanism to clear karma, remove entities, cut cords and feeding tubes, cancel non-beneficial soul contracts and assist you in healing any other issues preventing you from a joyful and purposeful life.

Learn to connect with your guides and highest self for guidance, healing and multidimensional soul integration.

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