Words have power. Intention has power. YOU have power. You have the power to manifest whatever it is you desire through words and intention. Combined with right (read: good) intention and love, you can attract whatever you want.

First, let’s talk about what manifestation really IS. From an esoteric standpoint (and physics backs this up), everything at it’s particle level is comprised of energy. Energy is a frequency. Like radio waves are frequencies. X Rays are frequencies. We can’t see them, but they exist and they perform functions that result in a physical result such as hearing a radio station or seeing the image produced by the x-ray machine. Emotions carry a frequency. The key to manifestation in the physical world is aligning your emotion with what you wish to attract. And to be fully aware that you are ALWAYS manifesting through thoughts and emotions, whether you are aware of it or not.

That said, let’s talk about how that works. The universe in neutral. By that I mean, it does not see things as good or bad, negative or positive. It is a neutral, non-judgemental observer that assumes what you dwell on is what you want more of. When you bring something into being (via a thought, a wish, a desire), the universe says “HEY they must want more of THAT!” and it sends it to you. When you stress about <strong>not</strong> having enough money, you are putting out the energy of lacking money – and that’s what you get more of!

Taking a side trip here – fear is the worst emotion to sit with. Fear is a low-vibration false ego that makes you focus more on what you are afraid of and less on what you want to move toward manifesting. When you find yourself in a moment of panic, fear or worry – take a minute to just let it go and think about what you DO want. Imagine the outcome as if it’s already occurred. Do not let fear trap you! Get with the universe and co-create what you want!


We have free will and the universe work with our thoughts to send us what we dwell on.  Have you ever told a little white lie that came true (like called in sick then actually got sick)? That’s you manifesting! You put that thought out there and the universe – in all it’s neutral glory – made it happen.

Adding a ritual to these thoughts brings that intention to life in the real world. A ritual is a physical act that can reinforce your thought, wish etc. Going through intentional (there’s that word again!) physical actions while focusing on a particular thought or outcome is a powerful manifestation tool. Here is a ritual to help you attract more of what you want.


Start from a place of gratitude. Give thanks for all the things that are going right and that you are thankful for. This mindset sends the universe a message that you want more of these good things.

Focus on what it FEELS like to already have what you want– Now this one is tricky. Because what you THINK you want may not actually be what you really want. What you really want is the intangible payoff (or emotion) you get from the physical thing or situation you’re trying to attract. For instance, you may think you want money. But how does having an unlimited supply of money make you feel? Worry-free? Secure? What you really want is to FEEL freedom. Free from worry and insecurity, right? Free to do whatever you want, with whoever you want, whenever you want as much as you want, right?

The emotion you want to focus on feeling is freedom. So settle into your heartspace and really FEEL what it felt like the last time you felt free. Sit in that feeling for at least three minutes. The longer you sit in that emotion, the more you reinforce bringing that feeling into your life. It may come as money or it may manifest in another way – but does it matter? If you want the freedom, does it matter if money is how you achieve that?

Now let’s add in a ritual to reinforce this manifestation. If you did nothing but sit with the emotional outcome of what you want, you’re good. The ritual is just icing on the cake.

Create a representation of the item or outcome you seek. If it’s a house, find a picture of a house. If it’s a loving partner, find a picture that represents a happy, loving couple. A cautionary note on manifesting money: THE US DOLLAR IS BASED ON THE DEBT SYSTEM. Using dollar bills could represent debt, not income. Therefore, I recommend you focus on manifesting what you would use the money FOR vs money itself. So if it’s financial security, use images that represent being worry and debt-free. If it’s an exotic vacation for the family once a year, use images that reflect that.  We’re going for the end result and we don’t want to limit the universe in how we get it (other than harming others to get it).

Light a candle. I prefer white, but it can be any color. Typically, green represents financial security, blue health and red love. I like white because (to me) it represents pure intentions.

Say 3 times: “I bring _________________ (freedom, money, whatever your desire is) into my life with the highest good of all involved. I bring it now.”  Feel free to modify this ritual to fit your particular religious faith.

You can repeat this ritual as often as you like.