What is a Celestial Shaman?

In a nutshell, Celestial Shaman ARE the next level in human advancement. They are here to fully realize and embody their soul’s source frequency and assist others to do the same.

To understand where we’re at, you have to understand where we’ve been. In the past, there were traditional (or as I call them- earth) shamans. Before religions were established, indigenous tribes believed that all healing came from a higher power (Source, Great Spirit, God) and that all physical, mental and emotional dis-ease were derived from Spiritual causes. The person who was the intercessory between Spirit and the one needing healing was the shaman. The term “shaman” itself is a misnomer because it is a regional term. “Saman”, where the term Shaman is believed to have originated, actually reflects the Siberian term for that region’s tribal healers. In Peru, they’re called Paqos. In Norse culture, they’re called Seidrs. In Native American cultures, they are called Medicine Men and Medicine Women.

Today, starseeds are awakening to abilities that connect them with their galactic lineages. They receive energetic transmissions or channeled messages that could be words, symbols or even sounds. They may astral travel to other dimensions or timelines. They realize that in reality, there are more beings and technologies than just the earthly kind. A celestial shaman’s “region” then, is all dimensions, all time and all space. In other words, our “region” is boundless. Instead of working with physical earthly tools like rattles, feathers and anthames, we ARE the tools. We channel etheric (energetic) tools like light language, sound and other beneficial transmissions. We install spiritual codes that integrate or activate specific gifts in others. We open and close portals. Most of us ARE portals or have a portal in our auric field. These portals serve different purposes such as stargates to other dimensions or processing portals to transmute non-beneficial energies.

As starseeds, we have an intuitive knowing of our galactic orgins and are the intercessories between celestial beings (angelics, higher dimensional ETs etc) and humanity. We walk between dimensions and timelines which means we can access and heal issues developed across multiple lifetimes. Because we ARE aware of our multidimensional origins, we become capable of assimilating aspects of our higher dimensional self into our human bodies. We make physical and energetic changes at the quantum level. The ultimate change is fully activating our light bodies and upgrading our physical bodies so that we can restore our original 12 strand dna. We are, in essence, on a mission to evolve into what we are (and always have been) at source level – the frequency of unconditional love.

How Do You Know if You’re a Celestial Shaman?

There are no coincidences. If Spirit brought you to this page, you are a celestial shaman! If you spontaneously started discovering new gifts like the ability to speak, see, write, hear light language, you’re a celestial shaman. If you communicate with galactic beings who bring knowledge to humanity, you’re a celestial shaman. It has been my experience that all celestial shaman are channelers. They may channel healing (like Reiki), information (like a medium) or a combination of both (like light language which contains both information and energetic healing).

Where Do You Learn Celestial Shamanism?

Most of us (including me) began our journey unaware that we were celestial shaman. We learned different healing modalities like traditional shamanism, Reiki or light language from human mentors. Eventually, our guides told us we had surpassed human guides and were to receive training from celestial guides.
Celestial Shamanism is unique to each person’s skillset and there isn’t one set curriculum. What IS consistent is the process of syncing with your own soul at source level and communicating with your guides to relearn forgotten knowledge, restore personal divine gifts and reactivate etheric technologies to heal soul wounds so we can go “home”.

To dive deeper into celestial shamanism, read Yvonne Perry’s book. I have so much gratitude for Yvonne. It was during a weekend retreat with her that I learned what a galactic or celestial shaman was and that I was one! It did take me awhile to get my own Celestial Shaman teaching material on the right path, but I believe I’ve nailed it.

If you’d like to start your journey toward embodying your soul’s highest , check out my Celestial Shaman program.