To understand what a celestial shaman is, it’s important to understand what a traditional shaman is. Before religions were established, indigenous tribes believed that all healing came from a higher power (Source, Great Spirit, God) and that all physical, mental and emotional dis-ease were derived from Spiritual causes. The person who was the intercessory between Spirit and the one needing healing was the shaman. The term “shaman” itself is a misnomer because it is a regional term. “Saman”, the where the term Shaman is believed to have originated, actually reflects the Siberian term for that region’s tribal healers. In Peru, they’re called Paqos. In Norse culture, they’re called Seidrs. In Native American cultures, they are called Medicine Men and Medicine Women.

A celestial shaman’s “region” is interdimensional. We are the intercessories between not just spirits but also off-planetary beings (angelics, higher dimensional ETs etc). We partner with these advanced entities to heal ourselves and others. Most of us employ a combination of healing modalities like traditional shamanism, Reiki or light language. It has been my experience that all celestial shaman are channelers. They may channel healing (like Reiki), information (like a medium) or a combination of both (like light language which contains both information and energetic healing).

In the beginning, when we first inhabited this planet, we had full connection to our higher consciousness. There is a long explanation for why that is currently not the case. The ultimate goal of a celestial shaman is to once again embody the highest dimensional version of ourselves in this 3rd Dimensional body. We do that through healing soul wounds, working through fear and stepping into our full power.

How Do You Know if You’re a Celestial Shaman?

There are no coincidences. If Spirit brought you to this page, you are a celestial shaman! Now, where you are in your own healing journey is another story. You might feel called to heal others but the truth of the matter is, all healers start out as wounded healers. Trying to heal others without first healing self is akin to a wounded paladin bleeding all over the very people he’s trying to save. It doesn’t work. To be effective he must first heal himself and be at full strength.

Some of you may go on to heal others or even teach celestial shamanism to others. Either way, the journey always starts within.  It is this inward journey that traditional shaman embarked on and used to help others heal.

Where Do You Learn Celestial Shamanism?

As mentioned earlier, Celestial Shamanism is a combination of multiple healing modalities and there hasn’t been one set curriculum for it.  I have created an online curriculum and mentorship program for those interested in learning how to develop their healing gifts and step into their role as a celestial shaman. I have several gifts and training that I incorporated into my program. I am a trance channel (so I can get the info straight from Spirit), a traditionally trained Incan Shaman (with all 9 Munay Ki rites so I can “make” other shaman), a certified Soul Healer through Eva Marquez’s Soul Healing mentorship and a Reiki Master Teacher. If you choose to sign up for my Celestial Shaman Course, you will have access to my expertise in all these healing modalities as well as how to discover and maximize your own unique gifts.

You can learn more about the program and learn how to sign up here.