Many starseeds are waking up to new abilities like light language and are experiencing “ascension flu” symptoms. You feel a sense of urgency to “do something”, as if you have an important mission to accomplish but you don’t know what it is. These new abilities, symptoms and sense of urgency are due to Spirit activating the starseeds and lightworkers on this planet. As starseeds, you realize that what happens on this planet affects the galactic community. For this reason, we are being called to service much like a military veteran is called up from the reserves.

In order to answer that call,  you must identify and overcome faulty programming that is keeping “stuck” in a loop. For a starseed, this means working through ego and emotional trauma. This is necessary for three reasons. First, we must identify and break negative patterns so that we can come to a place of non-judgement and peace with ourselves. This is so we can objectively help others. Second, we don’t want to project our own “bad juju” on another, which is what happens when you try to heal others without first healing yourself. It is like a paladin struggling to protect his flock, yet he is mortally wounded and bleeding on the very ones he’s trying to save. He cannot be effective unless he is at full strength and unwounded. Finally, this process is necessary to clear up the light body so that we may fully integrate our physical bodies with our multidimensional light bodies.

The truth of the matter is, all healers start out as wounded healers. It is through our own healing process that we develop the experience and understanding of what others may be experiencing. Some of you may go on to heal others or even teach celestial shamanism to others. Either way, the journey always starts within.  It is this inward journey that traditional shaman embarked on and used to help others heal. To understand what a celestial shaman is, you must first understand what a traditional shaman is and does.

What is a Traditional Shaman?

Before there were religions, there was Spirit, or God. One might argue that religion was built around the belief in a God, but the ancients did not see it that way. They gave thanks to and honored a “creator” being, unattached to a religious doctrine. Known by many names, this supreme creator was seen as the source for all things essential to life. If crops failed, the creator was displeased. If crops thrived, the creator was pleased with his/her people’s offerings. A great reverence was held for Mother Earth and she was viewed as a living, breathing, conscious being (because she IS!). She was honored for her many blessings that allowed humanity’s survival. Her diverse ecosystem provided animals to hunt and fish to eat. Clean water and air. Rains for the crops. Grains for the belly. Plants provided essential nutrients and medicines. Animals provided an infinite supply for basic needs such as shelter and clothing. Even the smallest of creatures such as the honeybee played an important role in the ancients’ everyday life. All were gifts from the supreme Creator and were held in esteemed value. All living organisms were tied to Spirit with a deep understanding that all was one as all life was interdependent.

Such was the way of our ancestors. They knew all creations were specifically given to them by this supreme being. Naturally, when one fell ill, they turned to Spirit for healing. Within the tribe was a healer tasked with this purpose. The titles varied depending on the culture – medicine man, curanderos, ritualist, seidr or shaman. Regardless of the title, the tribal priest and healer were typically the same person. This was due to the belief that all physical, mental and emotional dis-ease stemmed from a spiritual cause. If your eyesight was failing, the shaman asked “What truth are you unwilling to see?”. If your back hurt, the shaman asked, “What heavy burdens do you carry?”. If your shoulders hurt, the shaman understands that the shoulders are really the “should”-ers and asked “What SHOULD you be doing that you’re not?”. The shaman’s role was then to help them release what was causing their illness. Sometimes, past life issues such as curses and soul contracts were the cause. Because this was conceived in the spirit realm, that is where the shaman would journey to resolve it. This is what makes the shaman unique. We can shift into the spirit realm and travel to the different worlds, where we access information that can be used in healing. While in that realm, we commune with your celestial guides to deliver messages as well.

As shaman, we are also unattached to whether or not you heal. We are NOT the healers. All healing comes from within the client. We are merely the facilitators. It is up to you to accept the healing being offered and to learn the lessons associated with the dis-ease that needed healing. Learning how to be this facilitator takes a significant time and money investment. I am a shaman trained in the Incan tradition. My training and tools cost around $5,000 and several years of time!

Fast forward to modern times. Many of us barely have time to tend to essential tasks, let alone spend time working on our own spiritual health. Yet the need to mend our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wounds are the same. Without that healing, we can not fulfill our soul purpose of helping humanity ascend. We are at crit mass. There is no more time to waste! This is the reason Spirit has started downloading the Celestial Shaman protocol to not just me, but others as well.

What is a Celestial Shaman?

Celestial Shamanism is a relatively new term that has not reached mainstream recognition. Sometimes it’s been referred to as Galactic Shamanism. My guides prefer “Celestial” because we are working with beings outside this galaxy and sometimes multiverse. It is my mission to bring this modern modality to the mainstream and to standardize the teachings so that training is consistent. Celestial Shamanism teaches you how to connect with one’s celestial guides to overwrite non-beneficial past and current life programming that is keeping you in the fear-pain-trauma cycle. This ultimately results in one integrating all aspects of their multidimensional self and restoring one’s original divine matrix code.

Another explanation for an updated version of shamanism could be compared to a generation gap between grandparents and grandchildren. Today’s kids and even the older millennials (which cap out at the ripe old age of 38 now believe it or not!) do not resonate with traditional shamanism. They resonate with the concepts of personal transformation through deep soul work, but they don’t click with the tools and process. Anyone under the age of 40 grew up with technology. Computers, tablets and smartphones are second nature. They are familiar with terms such as “the cloud”, “syncing”, “firewall”, “hardware”, “software” and “programs”. They understand how modern technology works much better than they understand the deities and workings of an ancient culture. If I were to say, “We are going to join Lord Huascar in a journey to the underworld to retrieve soul fragments and integrate them back into the person”, I would have to go into a deep explanation of who Huascar is, what a soul fragment is, why they need to be retrieved and what that really means before it “clicked” for them. Alternately, if I had said, “We are going to login, connect to the cloud then retrieve missing files needed to defrag this person’s computer”, they would totally get it. The two processes have the same result, we’re just updating the terminology.

Celestial Shamanism accomplishes the same things as traditional earth shamanism but in a different way. In earth shamanism, we work on releasing “false egos”, which is that faulty programming we’re subjected to when we incarnate here. The ancients were taught that we are releasing these to improve our mental, emotional and physical health here in the physical realm. The traditional shaman might journey to the Underworld to retrieve soul parts and bring them back here; or journey to the spirit realm to commune with a client’s power animals. If the traditional shaman needs healing, they will call on another healer to do the healing.

In Celestial shamanism, the shaman doesn’t journey to retrieve information. The celestial shaman has etheric technicians come to this realm, provide information and assist in the healing process here. These guides are working in the unseen, quantum realm. These etheric technicians are privy to one’s own divine matrix codes and know what needs to be removed and what needs to be restored – information we as humans may not consciously know.

In short, celestial shamanism puts you on the “fast track” to higher consciousness and achieving your soul purpose. You can use it to heal yourself and IF you feeled called, you can take the next level of training and learn how to heal others.

Training to Become a Celestial Shaman

Unlike Incan Shamanism or other forms of shamanism, there has been no standardized training to become a Celestial Shaman. Many of you already possess the gifts but haven’t fully activated them or done the inner healing work to be able to serve full-time (aka using your healing skills to pay the bills). A true celestial shaman needs a skillset that lies outside the teachings of any one modality. For this reason, I have created the first-ever Celestial Shaman training curriculum where starseeds can learn how to connect with their celestial guides to heal themselves, activate their divine gifts and use those gifts to serve humanity. There are three parts to this training and you can take each step as you feel called. The most important thing is to ANSWER the call!

Ready to answer the call and embody your soul’s mission as a celestial shaman? Click here to see exactly what you’ll learn and how to sign up.